10 Lakh + Consumers gave up LPG subsidy


The Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s exhortation for giving up LPG subsidies is receiving an overwhelming response. Ten Lakh consumers gave up their LPG Subsidy registered under various agencies. Uttar Pradesh stands in the first place when it comes to giving up the subsidy on gas cylinders with 2.03 lakh sign ups. Maharashtra follows the count.

Gas companies increased the pace of advertisements aiming at a total of 1 crore give ups. Various gas companies like, Hindustan Petroleum, Bharath Gas, Indane Gas are providing the consumers 12 cylinders a year under subsidy.

The government is bearing 207 Rs per cylinder, resulting in 40,000 crores on Gas subsidy. Modi exhorted the wealthy families to give up the LPG subsidy to light up a poor man’s kitchen.